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In 2018 there is no reason small and local businesses shouldn’t be utilizing digital video in their daily marketing and sales strategies.

With video options becoming more budget friendly by the day and plenty of tutorials online on how to edit or put together a video on your own there is no excuse for it not to be in the tool shed of a small business owner. There are also many freelancers popping up in most major cities offering slimmed down and cheaper video services for a professional feel at an affordable pric

Here are the major reasons small business owners should be creating video in 2018 and beyond:

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Improve Your Websites Page Rank On Google and Other Search Engines

The short of it is Google LOVES video. Your business is 53 times more likely to end up on page 1 of Google if you have video content embedded in various parts of your website. With Ad Words being so pricey and confusing for many small business owners without a budget for proper SEO work, it is vital to organically build your page rank any way possible. It is also worth noting that a study by Cisco has all consumer purchasing based Internet traffic at 69% looking for video content only.

Excellent ROI

83% of businesses using video in their marketing plan believe it has lead to a positive ROI. This coincides with 79% of consumers that say they rather watch a video to learn more about a product instead of reading a write-up or an article about it. With so much data easily accessible and so many studies conducted on this range of topics it is clear that consumers favor video when making a purchasing decision.

Target The Demographic You Want and Reach as Many People as You Want

Facebook and Instagram sponsored posts have become such an accessible and easy tool for business owners to use to make sure their brand and target audience is being reached. It makes it easy to specifically hit the exact demographic you want and throw a few hundred dollars a month behind a sponsored post of a video and have it be seen by thousands of relevant eyeballs. Budgets make it easy to spend what is needed to reach the amount of people you want or to limit how much you spend. Use a video in these posts and you’re more guaranteed to get a conversion compared to a text or photo ad. People are 5 times more likely to look at a post with a video than compared to a static or text promoted post on Facebook.

Put A Face and Visual to a Business, Brand, or Product

It is one thing for a consumer to read about a business or see a photo of a product, but it is a whole different animal to see the owner discussing their business and what they do in a video directly putting them in front of the customer. Consumers want to see a product in action, the team behind a brand, or an owner explaining their business from a personal perspective. As the saying goes, seeing is believing.

Outshine Your Competitors

If your website showcases video demonstrating how your brand operates or how your product works and your competitors does not – which do you think the consumer will buy from? Think about your own spending habits. Even a monthly newsletter showcasing a video as compared to your competitor’s text only version can make you stand out from the crowd. As many businesses began moving towards video the key will be making the most creative, efficient, and compelling content. It is all about pivoting and doing what the rest of the crowd is not. Many large businesses and brands still struggle with the best approach to putting out video content and how to produce it. You must decide how you will make your content stand out from the pack.

Have you started using video with your business or brand? Tell me your strategy in the comments below!

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