Scientists from Australia detected mysterious pulses from the universe.

Researchers have discovered 20 mysterious, powerful waves known as “fast-action explosions” using radio-telescopes in Western Australia over the past year, almost twice as many since these signals were first detected in 2007.

The team also found the closest and brightest rapid explosion ever discovered, according to findings published in the Nature magazine on Thursday.

Using new technology, we have proven that rapid explosions are coming from the other side of the universe, not from our own galactic neighborhood,

said lead author Ryan Shannon of the University of Swinburne Technology.

A quick radio burst emits an extremely high level of energy that comes from the universe and lasts only a few milliseconds, Daily Sabah writes.

Scientists do not know what the exact cause of these mysterious radiotalas is, and it has not been determined exactly which galaxies come from, but they say it is safe that these waves involve incredible energy, equivalent to the amount that the Sun emits in 80 years.

Co-author Jean-Pierre Macquart of Curtin University said that such an energy burst travels billions of years and is occasionally catchable for receptors set up on Earth.

Scientists point out that rapid radio bursts are common, but it is extremely difficult to catch them. The first, known as Lorimer Burst, was discovered in 2007 by astronomers who explored the collected data from Parkes telescope in Australia’s New South Wales. Since then, 33 similar explosions have been discovered.

The next challenge for the team is to determine the locations of explosions in the sky, said Shannon.

Radio explosions

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