Tokyo is a city of dreams that you must visit.

The capital of the Earth of the Existing Sun – Tokyo enchants with its futuristic architecture, incredible culinary scene and top-selling stores.

This city, with a population of 35 million inhabitants, was founded in the 12th century under the name Edo, and the word Tokio literally means “the eastern city”, and is one of the most populous cities in the world.

Tokyo is the central place of Japanese politics, economy, culture and education, and at the same time is the business and financial center of the eastern part of Asia.

This city is abundant with sights that, if you are already going to Japan, you must visit. Ueno is the district where the largest park in the city, with one thousand cherry trees, is located. In this quarter, you can visit several museums of the Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum of Western Art and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, as well as the zoo.

Ginza is a city square with the most shops, restaurants and nightclubs. Every brand that means something in the world has its place right in Ginza. It used to be a mint of silverstone in that place, after which the whole region got its name. Ginza is also known for the most expensive land in the world where a square meter of construction land often exceeds the cost of US $ 100,000.

In the district of Marounouchi there is a spectacular Imperial Palace. It is a place of various glittering buildings, and on the way to the Imperial Palace, you can also enjoy the numerous stands ideal for tourists who want to see part of the past of Japan.

Asakusa is probably the only part of Tokyo where you can truly feel the true atmosphere of traditional Japan. There is one of the most beautiful temples in the city, surrounded by many narrow streets with a lot of small shops and restaurants. On the streets leading to the temple you can buy traditional Japanese clothes, put on a variety of sweets.

Eastern City

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