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The EU launched an investigation against Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler for air pollution.

The EU launched an investigation today against major German automobile manufacturers on air pollution technology, three years after the Dieselgate affair.

EU Competition Commissioner Margarete Westager said that BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen were suspected of having agreed not to compete with each other on the development and installation of pollution systems for petrol and diesel engines.

If proven, this will mean that this arrangement has made it impossible for buyers to get the opportunity to buy cars that are less polluting, even though this technology is available to manufacturers,

Westager added.

The investigation was launched three years after it was discovered in America that “Volkswagen” was installing illegal software in its vehicles to conceal the actual amount of emitted harmful gases.

The new case launched by the European Commission focuses on the development of modern pollution control systems, primarily nitrogen oxide and other particulate emissions.

Dieselgate Affair

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