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A term about which such dust is rising in the modern world!

There are so many marketing professionals, agencies, marketers, definitions, discussions, related concepts. In order not to launch another avalanche of questions about who is in charge and whether it will be right in marketing in the upcoming ranks, I want to point out that this is not mine -authorization of marketing and its importance for business.

Although I do not consider it important to be focused on theoretical definitions, I would like to point out some of the most accepted marketing definitions (approved by the American Marketing Association) as the starting point for understanding the problem of maceration.

According to them, MARKETING is:

– activity, set of institutions and processes that create, communicate, deliver and exchange offers that have value for consumers, clients, partners and society as a whole. The Activity contains four elements that are mutually harmonized (4P’s): Product – Product Identification, Selection and Product Development, Price – Pricing Pricing / Service, Place – Selection of Distribution Channels and Volume Markets on Which Product / Service is also promoting Promotion – development and implementation of promotion strategy

War never changes. People do

– managerial process during which goods / services and services move from concept (idea) to consumer

– a philosophy based on thinking about business from the point of need and satisfaction of consumers (Filip Kotler – one of the largest marketing experts – defines marketing as meeting needs and wishes through the exchange process)

In practice, marketing is all that sells your product or service!

Marketing is when you create your brand, the way you communicate with customers, the visual identity, the relationship of employees within the company, but also towards customers and partners, the way you distribute your product or service, promotion, building good relationships, conquering the market, implementing your mission and goals in work … Marketing is a creative but also a real process and way of representing your clients, partners and the general public, but also the way they see and love your product or the uluge and your company-company!

Marketing is not just a sale.

Marketing will help you to attract customers, partners, consumers with good products / services and creating good connections and communication. It will also help you keep your customers and partners in a product / service that not only fulfills their requirements, but exceeds their expectations.

Marketing moves the boundaries of your success!

It is quite obvious that marketing is necessary for anyone entering the field and starting or playing a market game. Marketing is a libero, a joker of your team. Pay attention to it and return it unexpectedly more.

Build your success with the best tools and fill your dreams!

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