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After being arrested, Sabu decided to cooperate with the US Federal Investigation Bureau and took part in some hacking “attacks” to gather enough evidence against his former colleagues.

Mery Geligen has recently been at the helm of a cricket and special operations team in New York and has conducted some of the largest online surveillance operations – including capturing the most famous “informer among hackers” named Sabu.

Geligen is now a privacy and security consultant at Deloitte, and in conversation with journalists, CNN has provided several tips that internet users can protect their privacy on the web.

1. Change your password once a month – Numerous security experts on the Internet have warned of the importance of strong passwords for years.

If cyber criminals discover your passwords or other online orders, they can cure important information from your life and use them to abandon bank accounts, bribe personal / private photos, private information etc. It is therefore important once a month to change my password and the most important services you use.

2. Leave False Contact Information – Many online stores collect a lot of personal information about you – name, last name, phone number, credit card details, payout details, and so on. The latest big hacking attacks have shown that this information can fall into the wrong hands, which is why Geligen always advises on (online) stores and leaves, whenever possible, false information.

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3. Do not reveal more information than you need – When you give your documents to verify your identity, leave as little information as possible. Also, be careful when paying with the cards that the person who charged would not take your card out of sight and overwrite all the relevant data from it (card number, expiration date, and additional numbers that are essential when paying online).

4. Caution when using banking applications – Geligen says he should be extremely careful when accessing banking applications because this is the simplest way to make your computer become infected with spyware malware.

5. Use one for junk email only – When a company from Geligen requires an email address, it always gives them the spam address to which they are sent promotional messages.

In case the hackers break through the protection of these companies and overwhelm her addresses, her “real” self remains protected.

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