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Human Resources Management is the key business operation for successful business results.

– Should we systematically deal with this?

– What is today’s business environment?

– Is there anyone among us who will never be a worker or an employer?

– In order to develop and advance in today’s competitive environment, companies have to deal with a number of challenges, constantly trying to achieve the benefits.
– In the struggle for survival, development and, ultimately, the realization of profit, human resources management is recognized as a powerful tool for achieving business success and business efficiency!

What are Human Potentials?

Human potential

Total knowledge, skills, abilities, creative possibilities, motivation and loyalty that an organization (or society) has at its disposal.

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Human Resources Management is:

– scientific discipline,
– managerial function,
– special business function in the organization and
– specific management philosophy.

Interdisciplinary science

Which Areas and Fields of Science?
Economics (social sciences)
Law (Social Sciences)
Social Psychology (Social Sciences)
Maritime – specificity
(technical sciences – transport technology)


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