Here are four powerful questions that, once you’ve answered them, will bring focus to everything you do in your coaching business.

  1. Who do you serve?
  2. What do they say they want most?
  3. What do they say is in the way of their reaching that outcome?
  4. How can you can help them bridge the gap between where they want to be and where they are now?

You can answer the first question on your own, as long as you have a good sense of what makes for a viable coaching niche. For the other three questions, you need to do some informal research with the people you serve. If you decide for them what they want, you may miss the markand get into a muddle all over again. Because what you offer won’t get their attention and motivate them to invest.

Once that’s done, your direction is set. Then everything you do to create your programs and attract clients will benefit from that clarity and focus.

If you’ve been feeling out of focus, share a comment about which of these four questions isn’t answered for you yet. And share what other methods have worked to get you back in focus and on track. What do the experts say:



The 7 Habits of  Business Success

Habit 1. Cultivate Inner Networks:Entrepreneurs practicing the art of business success know the power ofnetworks. They take the time to identify and build relationships with key peers, mentors, and advizors. This inner network provides support, direction, and an increased number of people to assist. Having an inner network of five people who have a network of five more, grows the network exponentially.

Habit 2. Customer Centric:Business success requires an unwavering commitment to the customer. This commitment encompasses a mindset of understanding the customers’ world. Understanding the customers wants and needs provides the business with a greater opportunity to earn a loyal customer base. Focus away from business and profits, and toward what you can do to improve the life of your customers.

Habit 3. Humble Honesty:Business success requires the ability to know your strengths and weaknesses. Being open and honest about yourself and your business creates growth as an individual and as a company. Don’t spend time developing weaknesses. Find help for weak areas, enabling you to focus on strengths. In the book, “Now, Discover Your Strengths”, Gallup Organization reveals that building our strengths instead of fixing our weakness is the path to mastery and success. Take the time to know yourself and business.

Habit 4. Adaptability:Business success requires the ability to adapt to changing situations. Nothing ever goes as planned. The world of business is full of surprises and unforeseen events. Using the habit of adaptability allows business owners to respond to circumstances with the ability to change course and act without complete information. Being flexible allows us to respond to changes without being paralyzed with fear and uncertainty.

Habit 5. Opportunity Focused:Problems are a regular part of business life. Staff issues, customer misunderstandings, cash crunches- the list is endless. To achieve business success, look at both sides of the coin. Every problem has an opportunity. Being opportunity focused makes the game of business fun and energizing.

Habit 6. Finding A Better Way:Productivity is the cornerstone of business success. Formulate the habit of finding a better way to make your business more productive. This will create more time to focus on the critical issues that drive sales and profit. Productivity can be enhanced by technology, automation, outsourcing, and improving business processes.

Habit 7. Balanced Lifestyle Management:A business can consume an owner’s time and energy. It’s easy to allow the business to take control of your life. Business success requires the habit of balancing all aspects of your life. Separating time for daily business tasks, profit driven tasks, and free time is a habit that will make your business and life more enjoyable. Take the time to plan each week.

Learning and instilling new habits in your daily business life can have a dramatic effect on your level of success. Review each of the 7 habits. Choose one habit to focus on for a month or until you achieve mastery. Gradually incorporate each of the 7 habits of business success into your life and attain your business dreams.

Business Practices

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