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Who are We?


Merging Top-notch Projects with Investors, Partners, Buyers. Influencing key stakeholders, strong leadership, managing change, commercial insight, clear communication, provides financial advice and support to help business owners making key decisions. Capable to manage large and small business systems. Business strategy aligns with the requirements and nature of business operators and market demands. Successfully leading human resources, through selection, training, awakening creativity among employees. Helping growing companies to better understand their customers. Launching new business projects, entering new markets, developing and upgrading existing and new products and services. Content Marketing. Globally, Managing NGO projects, development of business projects, development of PR projects, development of marketing projects, business consulting.

Business Web Hosting



Real Estate, Financial Services, IT, Tourism, Footwear, Ecology, NGO and other business sectors. Proven marketing, business development, sales, strategy, operations, compliance, regulator management, people development and team leadership.



– Turning around under performing businesses through change management.
– Defining and implementing go-to-market and broader business strategy.
– Re-energising sales and marketing teams to grow revenue faster than market average
– Leader and motivator of teams, and developer of people.
– Cultivator of long term client relationships.
– Customer centric and voice of the consumer.
– Inclusive management approach.
– B2C, B2B2C, and B2B marketing and sales experience.
– Product development.
– e-commerce, m-commerce, on-line, digital marketing, social media.
– Activating and leveraging sports sponsorships (ICC cricket, football)
– Business transformation and change management.
– Pricing optimisation and revenue maximisation.
– Public speaking.
– Expertise in money transfer, remittances, P2P payments, consumer financial services.
– Financial inclusion, alleviation of poverty.
– Private Equity
– FinTech


Provided support and empower marginalized groups, create conditions for marginalized groups demonstrate their ability to affirming the value and achieve a better understanding of the social community. Own activities affect the citizens of globally to contribute to the process of democratization and national reconciliation at the local and wider level, and involvement in all forms of struggle to accelerate the process of democratization of the whole society. Respect for and practical implementation of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Declaration on the Rights of the Child and other international conventions that guarantee individual and collective rights. Ongoing activity to protect the man’s environment and improving living conditions through the implementation of the idea of “return to nature” and commitment to our cities and villages are more beautiful, cleaner and more prosperous. Cooperation with Profit,NGOs and government organizations and institutions that work accelerates the process of democratization, protection of human and civil rights and liberties of all citizens regardless of their national, racial, ethnic, gender, religious, political or other preferences. Organize public meetings, consultations, symposis tests, seminars and other forms of assembly for building understanding, mutual trust, tolerance and education aimed at developing awareness of the importance of: social equality, national reconciliation, then changes to reduce the educational system of children and youth with the basic values to be a man. To develop and improve information system, the use of services of domestic and foreign info-service, information sharing is done in cooperation with the relevant authorities. Provides financial resources needed for their work. Encourages and participates in the professional training of its members. Established companies and agencies to implement their own projects, in accordance with the Act.


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